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Security Arrangments

Security has a wide Range of Characteristics which includes facets like the location of infrastructure, local Experience, Environment and Potential risk involved and etc.To minimise potental ‐ risk presented by internal as well as external environment use our security services. Our Security team has a separate and full fledged department for security work for celebrities and influential persons.

we offer our security services for Security services to industrial establishment, Institutions, Commerical organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Construction sites, Stockyards, Godowns VIP's and their Bungalows etc.. Other than property ,we offer monetery securtiy services like securing and safeguarding ATM machines and ATM cash vans

.we recruit exservicemen with clean and report free background security personnels for safe guarding you.We have completed many challenging assignments successfully.

Facility Management Services

We have in our staff senior Security Officers and inspectors who regularly carry out background checks and inspection of our service providers.Periodical checks and reports are collected from our of our clients and house mates besides of house keeping services and other house keeping enhnacements services.

We help solving the problems and queries of business owners in finding the skilled human resource. Providing the best labours and employees who are continuously updated and perfecting their skill.

Man Power & Management Services

An reputed brand in the service of Man power arrangement services. Offering higher productvity and better profitabile employees and labourers available here. Our institution is ran by disciplined Ex-servicemen.

We offer smart Employees who will boost and enhance our business. It is an home of Qualified and skilled employees and labourers available here. Employees with neat and clean background are offered here for your services.

By conducting regular background checks, we offer best employees for your business and residential services. We offer service providers for all your employee and labourers needs and requirements.


Our Security Bureau has a separate and full fledged department engaged investigation and
detective work of highly sensitive and confidential nature for and on behalf of our clients who include among others Nationalised banks and foreign banks.

The services of this investigation department is utilized as may be required, and where necessary, to detect Fraud. Theft, Pilferage, Misappropriation and other Criminal and anti-social activities that may occur in the business or at the premises of our clients.


Ultimately it is the result that matters and needed to achieve

The ultimate objectives of our Security organisation are:

a. Higher productivity and better profitability to our clients through prevention / detection of
the , pilferage, misappropriation, fire hazard etc.

b. Promo on industrial peace and enhancing the corporate image of our client through
positive and professional management and conduct of All Type of Manpower.

c. Prevention of major industrial problems through preventive action taken on the basis of
or reliable Seucity intelligence.

d. Adequate capacity in all aspects to take on any sudden and unexpected industrial unrest,
safeguarding the Companies, loyal men, material property and its image.

But there is more to FFS than can be said in words. Its vision .. its outlook .. Which is nature and
provide you with adequate and appropriate Security cover.

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Day and night checking

We have in our staff senior Security Officers and inspectors who regularly carry our Security checks and inspection of our clients'units during the day and night.

our clients' units besides keeping our on‐duty personnel alert, oftenen reveal new and unexpected Security problems and help in providing appropriate thus, continuously up dating as well as perfecting.


Understanding of General Management

Unlike in the past, when Security functions were limited to physical Security at the gates, today
the overall Security functions are becoming

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