About us

We are an Ex‐Servicemen organisation engaged in providing and maintaining Security services to industrial establishment, Institutions, Commerical organisations, Hospitals, Banks, Construction sites, Stockyards, Godowns VIP Bungalows etc. Security is not a static subject and, therefore, different ‐type and nature of property and business need appropriate and suitable security arrangements tailored to fit, considering among other aspects, the location infrastructure, local experience, environment and cost of Security etc. As a result, each Security assignment poses itself as a separate and unique challenge and we take up and execute the assignments as such.

As a pre‐requisite prior to taking over the Security assignment and its related responsibilities, we carryout a Security survey of our clients premises and its immediate neighborhood and suggest appropriate and effective Security system and outfit suitable to our client's needs and this is periodically scrutinized and up dated to meet squarely the increasing challenges posed due to changing mes under diverse conditions.

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